The Ultimate Outdoor Scavenger Hunt List

Outdoor activities

Going on an adventure doesn’t mean you need to go very far. We’ve created an outdoor scavenger hunt list to track, witness, and feel nature’s beauty around your home. Our outdoor scavenger list is perfect for the late summer and early fall season. All you need to do is print it, put on your Butler boots, and start exploring!

In the comments below, let us know how many of these you manage to find!

The Ultimate Outdoor Scavenger Hunt List



From trees and plants

 Find three different leaf shapes

 Feel the bark of a tree

 Blow on a dandelion

 Pick up a pine cone

 Collect an acorn or a nut

 Find three seeds

 Smell wild flowers

 Collect fruit from a tree

 Choose a straight and a curved stick

 Find a chewed leaf

 Fly a “helicopter” (winged seed)

 Look at a mushroom

 Spot a tree hole


Animals, birds, and insects

 Eye spy a spider’s web

 Listen to a bird

 Dig for an earthworm

 Look out for mosquitos!

 Follow insect tracks

 Look up for a squirrel

 Look down for ants

 Locate a bird’s nest

 Watch five different insects

 Spot a furry animal


In general

 Locate a weirdly shaped cloud

 Follow something black

 Find something heart-shaped

 Look for your reflection

 Watch out for something lost

 Slide down a slide

 Climb on something bumpy

 Touch something blue

 Find a puddle and jump in!

 Look for something red

 Pick up two rocks: one flat and one shiny

 Search for something round

 Spot something colorful

 Touch something orange

 Smell something with a special scent

 Twirl in the grass

 Listen to the wind

 Sit and watch sunset


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