Made on Planet Earth for all children, including those with Orthotics and special needs

Features and Benefits

Butlers are sweet. Cute sweet. Practical sweet. Durable sweet.
But most importantly; adaptive sweet.

We’ve created unique all-weather, 3-in-1 children’s boots & overshoes and we are proud to announce they adapt SO well.

Your children need to wear braces to keep their feet healthy and happy. With Butlers, you can rest easy knowing you’re also protecting their feet from the elements, keeping them dry and cozy no matter the weather, and with a stylish, playful look to boot. Our products are designed with pit crew efficiency – step in, strap on, go out. Simple, in a genius kind of way.

Our unique accordion Big Fan Easy Entry System accommodates most orthotics, like AFOs, and SMOs. The opening of our boots is extremely wide, therefore easily adjustable to your child’s foot. The strap is then secured in place by our custom-made Velcro Brand closure.

We have created a special group on Facebook called Butler with Orthotics, which is dedicated to learning about how Butler boots will best fit with your child’s specific needs. Join us!

Style will never go out of style, and neither will keeping your kids protected. We’re here to make your life easy and put a smile on your face. Made in the USA with the highest quality materials, nothing takes care of you like Butlers.

We’re new to this and only realized our products were perfect for orthotics, AFOs, and SMOs because YOU told us so. We’re glad to offer products that are suitable for ALL children and will always be available should you have specific questions or want to share your child’s experience with Butler. There’s no better way to improve our offer than with real parents’ advice, opinions, and reviews. Reach us by email at

Parents testimonials


“We think Butlers as overboots might be especially useful for children with supportive shoes… Our young product demonstrator absolutely loved them, taking every opportunity to splash in every puddle around with extra enthusiasm.” – Sarah Jones, Cerebra

“My daughter has had to wear an orthotic (leg brace) 24/7 for her entire childhood. Finding shoes to fit over it is difficult, but finding boots to fit over it is completely impossible — until we found Butler. They have literally changed her life. We no longer have to hold her back from splashing in puddles or playing in mud. With her Butler boots on, she is ready for anything, and we don’t have to worry about her brace getting wet. She even wore them all winter in the snow, and we live in Maine. Every parent of a child with orthotics needs these boots — there is nothing else out there that compares. We love our Butler boots!” – Bethan Jerones (satisfied customer and happy mom)

“Butler boots are truly amazing!! My son wears AFO’s and finding shoes and boots for him is a challenge. I happened to stubble across these boots and thought they would be perfect for my son. So we gave it a try and we love them.. So easy to get his feet into them and keep them on.. as we didn’t have to upsize 2 sizes on these like regular shoes and boots.. As he grows and needs new boots we will definitely be purchasing more. My daughter also has a pair of these boots and thinks they are just the best boots ever! These boots are so durable and well designed with all kids needs in mind! The company has been fantastic to deal with in so many ways.. never hesitate to ask them a question, the staff is so friendly and willing to answer or get the answer to any questions you have.  Butler Boots has made boot shopping easy for us instead of stressful! I love telling people how amazing these boots really are.. Give them a try you won’t be disappointed!!” – Carrie Deckert

Update to Mrs.Deckert testimonial: My son is in kindergarten and he wears his as boots (size 12 shoe with his AFO’s on and his boots are a size 10 with his AFO’s and no shoes). I think to get his shoes in them they would have to be way too big. I bought the boots with the liners so he can wear them in the winter too. The best way to size them is measure your sons AFO’s to the sizing chart you can print off the website, or if you are still unsure contact Butler directly and they will help you pick the right size. Now if you were to purchase the lower boots your son could totally wear those as shoes” – Carrie

“A godsend for parents of children with AFOs! My daughter wears an AFO (a rigid plastic brace) that covers her left leg from foot to knee. It’s hard enough finding sneakers to fit over this equipment — finding waterproof winter boots is nearly impossible. Boots that would fit my daughter’s shoe size are too small to fit over the brace. Boots that would allow the rigid brace to fit inside would leave her foot swimming with multiple inches of empty space at the toe. These boots are absolutely perfect. They are designed to fit over sneakers, so sizing isn’t an issue — we just bought the size boot that would work with the size sneaker that my daughter wears over the AFO. The boots are waterproof and good for use in snow as well as rain. They come in lots of bright, cheerful colors (a huge plus for a kid who has such limited options for footwear to begin with) that look just as good in person as they do online. If I could give these boots six stars, I would.” – Sanguine

“This is a great boot to fit over afo’s. My daughter has a shoe with a 1/2″ lift so it was difficult getting the boot over the shoe with her foot in it so I ended up leaving the shoe in and having her put her foot in the shoe inside the boot. Overall very satisfied with these boots !” – Priscilla Burgess

“We got these for our son. He wears AFO leg braces. These were the only rain boot we could find that would fit. Overall great product!” – Ira V.

Very, very happy with these. My 6yo son is on the autism spectrum and has serious sensory issues. Never been in deep snow before. Very resistant. Only wears one pair of shoes, so no chance of getting him in snow boots for all this snow we just got in NYC.

“Very, very happy with these. My 6yo son is on the autism spectrum and has serious sensory issues. Never been in deep snow before. Very resistant. Only wears one pair of shoes, so no chance of getting him in snow boots for all this snow we just got in NYC. Overboots our only option — and these Butlers worked perfectly. Pulled them right over his sneakers. Does take a little work but makes for a perfect fit. Walked around in them immediately without any fuss. Then went outside with me like a little champ and killed it in snow up to his kneecaps.” – JS

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Finally I found boots to fit over my daughter’s ponsetti casts! Now she can go outside and enjoy the weather with her friends and not worry about boots 4 sizes too big. THANK YOU!!!” – Amy Robertson Nielsen

“Thank you so much for making it possible for my boy to still enjoy the rain with his brother and friends. He has mild cp and wears smo splints daytime……… you made his day today ” -Donna Stafford

“We Love our Butler Boots! Soyyer has a AFO Leg Brace and it was hard to find anything that would work! Thanks for helping me be able to jump in puddles and not worry about my brace or shoes getting wet  with experience it seems maybe 2 sizes up if you have a full to the knee orthotic” – Marly Lahn



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10 responses to “Made on Planet Earth for all children, including those with Orthotics and special needs

  1. Dana Nagel

    Do your boots have latex in them? My son wears KAFO’s and is allergic to latex. Finding boots has been pretty much impossible!

  2. Your Butler team

    Hello Dana!

    Thanks for asking ? Our boots shells are made of a Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) compound (instead of latex). TPE compound is a consistent high performer in cold temperature crack tests and slip & wear tests.

    If you’d like to learn more about our technical specifications, please visit either The Macaroni (tall boot) or The Rockhopper (short boot) page.

    Scroll down to the block following “Features” and click on the green tab “Technical specs”.

    Hope that helped!

    – The Butler team

  3. Terri

    Hello my daughter wears a leg brace AFO on one foot with these boots does she just keep her shoes on in the winter time or can she wear just her brace in them with the insole thank u for ur time

  4. Your Butler team

    Hello Terri!

    Thanks for your interest in Butler’s 3-in-1 boots!

    Our boots are 4 season with the liner AND when worn as overshoes, so YES! your daughter will definitely be able to wear her boots as overshoes with her leg brace on this winter (meaning with her shoes inserted directly in the boots shell, with liner removed).

    Have a great day!

    – The Butler team

  5. Elizabeth Bender

    Can my daughter wear these over just her AFOs for everyday shoes? Or do you have to put shoes on over her braces then the boot? It would be awesome if she could wear just the boot on her AFOs! They look lightweight and I have such a hard time finding a shoe to go over her braces, and when I do, it’s heavy and harder for her to walk!

  6. Your Butler team

    Hello Mrs.Bender,

    Depending on the size and bulkiness of your child’s brace (each and every one is unique), some parents place our boots shells over the brace+shoe and some directly over the brace. They are indeed extremely lightweight! Hopefully, they will be a perfect fit for your daughter. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us through if you have more questions!

    – Your Butler team

  7. Christine Kluczynski

    I just purchased your Eriladien boots for my daughter who has AFOs. I intended for these to be her winter boots. While your boots are accommodating, the insert has no zipper or means of adjusting to fit her AFO. Do you have alternative solutions as opposed to cutting the inserts?

  8. Your Butler team

    Hello Mrs.Kluczynski,

    Great question! We are currently developing new liners prototypes to better accommodate different types of braces. We’re hoping to have these available in 2019. Have a great day!

  9. Peggy Smith

    My grand daughter wears braces she is 5 needs a 9 1/2 boot.

  10. adminalain

    Sorry for the slow response. Can you please email us at This way we can email you our size chart and assist in choosing the correct size.


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FREE SHIPPING: All orders come with free shipping to customers in the USA and Canada. Butler covers it – it’s that simple. Expect 3 business days for delivery.