6 quick sensorial activities to try before dinner!

Family Fun

Summer is quickly coming to an end, and believe it or not, it’s already time to send our little ones back to school. Their bright minds will need to stay focused all day, but come nighttime, we think it’s important to continue stimulating their imagination.

Here are seven examples of creative and scientific activities you can do between the moment they get home and dinnertime.


#1 Multi-sensory & multi-color foam to experiment with colors

Required materials: Dish soap, water, food coloring

Combine all the ingredients to make super fun soap foam. Pour the different colors you create in a large container (or directly in the bath!) and let their little hands feel the rainbow!



Source/ Recipe: Fun at home with the kids


#2 Botanical prints from around the house

Required materials: Tree or flower leaves, cookie sheet, paper, acrylic paint

Let your creativity run wild by using leaves and flowers as stamps. The possibilities are endless and the colorful results, once dry, will brighten up your fridge!

Source: Kleas


#3 A drawing to say “Bon appétit!” to your community

Required materials: Cans and other non-perishable foods, coloring pencils, paper, scissors, glue or self-adhesive paper

Use the top of a can or the front of a box to outline their shape on a piece of paper, which you can then decorate, cut out, and glue on the packaging in question. It’s a great way to talk to your kids about collecting food for those in need.


Source: Curly Birds


#4 Relaxing before bedtime with the magic of glitters

Required materials: Different variations are explored in the link below to make your life easier and make use of what you have on hand

A container, water, glitter gel, food coloring… Once the lid is properly sealed, all you have to do is shake and admire the glitter gently falling down.

Source / 6 different step by step: Preschool Inspiration


#5 Indoor gardening + science lessons = a winning combo!

Required materials: 2-liter bottles, potting soil, seeds, thick string or yarn, screwdriver, hammer, sharp blade

You’ll definitely need to help your kids set up this project before watching it grow together as it evolves day after day. This project is perfectly suited to be watered by children, since the plant will only take the water it needs from the second container.

Source/ Step by step : Seattle Sundries 



#6 Building with toothpicks

Required materials: Toothpicks, coloring pencils, small marshmallows or soft candy or pieces of fruit

Let your little ones explore the limits of their constructions with height, width, and anything else they can think of. As you put everything away, you can turn your construction leftovers into a sneaky snack.


Source: Artful Parent

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